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Bonnie has been involved with woodturning since the early 1980’s, attending most of the major woodturning symposiums for over 25 years. In 1986 she  designed the small Klein Lathe which was in production for over 25 years.
Klein Design has been in business since 1986 when we introduced the Klein Lathe and accessories. It has been a wonderful 20+ years of business, manufacturing, learning, sharing and watching the woodturning world grow. The Klein Lathe was the beginning of the modern mini lathe movement and has maintained a good reputation throughout the years. During the past 25 years several other lathes have appeared on the marketplace and today there are many mini/midi lathe choices.
For several reasons, I have decided to retire the Klein Lathe. The inventory has run out. I’ve put one away for each of my kids for historical preservation.
Klein Design will continue to offer the Klein Threading Jig. It was updated several years ago to work on most of the mini lathes with 1”-8 tpi spindles.

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